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Daniel Taylor

Certified Home Inspector

Daniel Taylor is the owner and inspector of Taylor Home Inspections. From the time that he first founded his business, Daniel has strived to provide a first-rate home inspection service that’s punctual, affordable, and truly comprehensive. Home inspection is a profession that gives back as much as you put into it, and Daniel goes above and beyond to ensure that his clients are able to close on a home that will be safe and sound for their family. When Daniel helps a client make a protected investment, the joy and gratitude that they experience comes full circle—making it all worthwhile.

Daniel Taylor—Certified Home Inspector
Inspector Daniel

A Meticulous Mindset

A Quality Home Inspection

Daniel gradually became a specialist in home construction by working in numerous areas of the industry, starting when he was just a teenager. He first lent a hand simply by carrying materials, working his way up to do roofing, painting, and structural installation—among various other duties. Eventually, Daniel owned and operated his own construction business. His passion for homes has never waned, and a career in home inspection has given him an opportunity to share his knowledge and passion to help others find success in their efforts to buy or sell a property.

Using the Tools Available

To offer a top-quality home inspection, an inspector must have the requisite knowledge to accurately educate their clients on every physical aspect of a home. Daniel utilizes several tools to ensure that his inspections take even the smallest details of a home into account:

  • A moisture meter may be used to identify possible leaks and to determine the extent of moisture penetration within the structure of a home
  • A temperature reader helps Daniel determine if there are any hot spots inside the home that could be the result of energy inefficiency or defective materials
  • A gas leak detector may be used whenever applicable to ensure that any gas appliances or systems are undamaged and safe for use

When he’s not inspecting homes, Daniel focuses most of his free time on enjoying life with his family. Whether they’re spending time camping, hiking, or tubing down a lazy river, Daniel loves to be immersed in the outdoors. Daniel also enjoys working on vehicles and has a particular fondness for old Chevys.

Inspector Daniel
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At Taylor Home Inspections, we take every detail of a home’s structure and systems into consideration. Our investigative home inspections are designed to ensure that there are no issues that could compromise the home’s safety or detract from its value—giving you the knowledge to make a worthwhile investment. Contact us today to request an inspection.

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